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I just read this book for something to read, because I knew I would never ride a bike from Manchester to Worcester!

But after reading it, it gave me some ideas. Now the wife and I go out on the bus in the morning on our bus passes, have a walk along the canal and get a bite to eat on the way, and then catch the bus back in the afternoon.

We see something different and we get a bit of exercise as well!

Allan John Bath


Dear Mr Summerhill, 

I have spies everywhere, and so your recently published volume about cycling the S&D has come to my attention.  I have just published the following on this club’s website:  May 2013. The Somerset & Dorset Railway. If you want to explore the Somerset & Dorset Railway on foot or by bicycle, a new book by Robin Summerhill is precisely what you need. Robin has just published Cycling the Somerset & Dorset Railway: it is available from him directly (click here) at £7.95 for a downloadable e-book, £8.95 for an e-book on CD, or £15.95 for a full colour printed edition. The ISBN is 978-0-9576369-0-3, should you need it, but please buy directly from the author if you can. Amazon offers no saving on this title and is in the mud with the press for alleged tax avoidance, on top of which authors who are not John Grisham or Stephen King do not actually receive much in the way of royalties. If you are buying the printed version, why not ask Robin to send you a signed copy? Anyway, this useful book is subtitled 'Long distance cycling or walking in nice easy chunks', which should encourage even reluctant walkers and cyclists to get outdoors – and where better to start than on a disused railway with its gentle gradients? The book is very well illustrated with well reproduced full colour photographs, and uses schematic maps (also in colour) to indicate where the trackbed is open to the public and where it is privately owned; in the latter case, the route of the best diversion is shown clearly. This is a very worthwhile addition to the resources available on this famous and much-loved line.


Hello Robin,  Many thanks for your book which we received the other day. It's an entertaining and informative read, and compliments all the other S&D books that we have.  We'll have to walk some of the trackbed next time we're south visiting my Mother. :)  Kind regards, 

Gill Best

Good afternoon Robin 
I would be delighted to take 50 copies of your book on a firm sale basis

  Oldfield Park bookshop



Brilliant. Thank you. A Wednesday delivery is great.

  We sold the last of your cycling books at the weekend so a delivery before Easter is ideal. As you know I am not there during the week but my colleague, Alison, in the café is the Catering Manager and she will willingly accept stock for the station. (She might even give you a cup of tea/coffee for your troubles.)

 Shillingstone station project: www.shillingstone-railway-project.org.uk/


Dear Mr Summerhill,

You will recall me purchasing a copy of your S&D guide back in August. I'm now pleased to say that I have in the last 10 days completed two thirds of the route from Bath to Templecombe with a night's stop at the Old Down Inn (very acceptable although a little noisy from the traffic!).

I was much impressed with your book which I found exceptionally interesting and appreciated the "off piste" road routes!

Rob Wagstaff


This short note is intended as a long thank you for your book on cycling the Somerset and Dorset. Heather and I have just completed the run, as you described in your book. Using our two Bromptons we peddled our way down the 70 odd miles. I have to say that without the inspiration of your book we would never have made the journey down memory lane.  Many thanks and God bless.

Steve Roberts, Kelso


Thank you so much for your prompt reply and explanation, which is much appreciated. Happened to be visiting Shillingstone station this morning (recently retired so more time for such outings now !) and my wife noticed a book there and said "isn't that the book you were after ? " Sure enough it was indeed.

 Apparently they sell very well there, which do doubt you are well aware of. 

Anyway, said book immediately purchased and I must say although I have only had a brief look, am very pleased as it contains just the sort of information and detail I was looking for. Must have entailed an incredible amount of work on your part (but I suspect a labour of love).  Looking forward to having a proper read of it this evening. 

Kind Regards  Cliff Goddard


Hi Robin   My book has arrived thank you very much.  

I have only had a quick thumb through, but it looks exactly what I was after.

 Lets hope that some of the proposed trackbed, gets made into trails. Devon CC seem to be very keen at present in pushing on with the trails, so with plenty of patronage, I think they will continue.   The dream would be to catch a train to Okehampton, then ride upto Halwill & have the tough decision of going to Bude, Launceston or Barnstaple & Ilfracombe, all traffic free!!!!  

Many thanks   Simon Hackwood